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Simply Put, It's a personal Homepage, and is more like a hobby to us.

This is where we archive things we do, and post new stuff.

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It all started back in 1998, when Windows 98 happened, and the internet started.

There was a program built in, called, FrontPage Express.

We spent months with the software, and with the help of a local internet provider, we started our first site called greatesc.com.

It was dialup then so to post anything took forever.  We have always loved photography, and that seemed like a great place to start.


It took months to get the first hit, but things started moving on from there.  Many more sites were started, and with that we made personal pages for other people too.

As things got more popular, our photos and stories about travel, all ended up on there.


Then, Millennium, Vista, and Windows 7 came along.  The software became more powerful, and we just went along with it.

There was no money in it except for other sites that we wrote, and not that it cost us a lot, but why not try and make a living off our hobby.

At this point, we decided to try Adult Site Authoring.  There was a lot of money in that, and our writings, and natural playfulness, led us to making our own content.  Yeap, our own.  See in those days, you would go out and buy an adult photo collection, get permission, and sell it.


There for awhile, we were doing great, I mean, really great, then sites like Yahoo allows people to post anything they wanted.  Site sales went down, and we fell behind. We also posted to the free sites, which, may be a mistake these days, as we soon learned, those photos and videos stay there forever.  We were shocked to see our stuff everywhere, both with and without, permission.  Let's just say, we got to be very well known. We tried doing cam sites, with live shows, but it seemed like every time we did something, somebody else did it better and crazier.  With all that, came the Lawyers, with release forms, and at one point, even site inspections.

We kept doing it for fun but ended up launching the Defiance Photography series, dealing with just scenic photography.

Then came the hackers, mainly from Russia and China, stealing your personal information and content.  It became quite a challenge keeping up with all that.  Tech support became non existent.

We ended up starting more site, just to switch things around so our content was harder to find.


Better computers and software took us into graphics and video editing, making Photo CDs, and of course, adult DVDs.  At his point we didn't care, as we were obsessed with entertainment of our visitors.



Here we go!  Windows 10.  Everything you do is tracked, sold, and exploited, for the almighty buck.  Now you have Face Book,  Instagram, and all these social sites, where people post, and sadly, their stuff is getting stolen, morphed, and spread everywhere, and many times, simply posted as hate.

It's not the same anymore, but then, as for us, we just entertain, and tell our stories.

As for the adult content?  Well, it's pretty much gone now.  And for all the letters we get about, changing sites all the time.  It solves the bookmark problem.

We have our followers, and so many of them are dedicated to what we are and do.  That's the fun of all this.  Why go viral, when you can just have fun with those you know?

Well, that's what this site is about!  Fun and Entertainment..

I guess in conclusion,  Love It, Or Leave It.



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