Hi! I'm Susan, Kelley's wife.  He asked me to give you a show, and I like that idea.

As you might be able to see, I'm taking my clothes off.  I'm going to do a new condom commercial.

I've never done one before.

I'm Ready

He told me to simulate an orgasm, with the film just showing my face.

 I refused.  Show the real thing, anyways,

 I want to try that thing of your companies.

The producer was into this!

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I will admit, I never use them, but the design of this thing is amazing. 

Kelley's going to do the film work of me trying it with three different guys.

Two of them I didn't know at all, which was kinda fun, and the third is a friend of mine.

I did a two minute scene with each of them, which didn't seem long enough.


This was like a dildo with a cock inside.  To make it better the head was battery operated.  It moved around touching everything.

I must admit, those little bumps and that clit stimulator got me off with everyone of them.  The two supplied models got off in the two minutes allotted, filling the end of condom.  What a waste that was.

My friend didn't cum but worked more on my facial expressions.

  This is the commercial



The producer choose the scene of me and my friend which captured my  face during a Real Orgasm.

I thought the film was a bit over the top, but then it was fun being on the bottom, LOL

I decided to do a real film with my friend, but this time, bareback, while the others watched



I called the movie, screwing, because that's what we did.



Now I'd like to show you some of my favorite photo and video shoots

My Hobby,  Sex on Camera