I take naked pictures of Susan all the time and she's into it.  She's more of a show off than I am.  There is a set of photos she wants me to show you.  I don't know how many of you want to see my bare ass, or my front for that matter, but we do get those requests.

Why not?  If you don't want to see all of me, then close the window.

I'm 5' 9" tall and 145 lbs.  I can get a good tan, if I work at it.

Be gentle! I'm 71 years old

I don't like tighty, whities.

Sometimes I shave but I find it a bit uncomfortable in the summer.

  That part of me, LOL, is 8"  Just ask Susan, she'll tell you that.  I measured it at 7" so who knows


A longtime ago, I modeled for Hanes.  I got used to wearing briefs, plus they are free to me for life.

My early summer tan

Here are a few shower photos, unshaven.

Susan like it, a lot