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Of all the places on earth that will take your breath away, it's the Grand Canyon.  Take a short journey with us on the South Rim.  I think after working there as a tour guide and other things for 4 years we have gained more about this place than you probably want to hear, but here is our view of The Canyon

There are many popular theories about the creation of The Canyon. Whether it was Erosion from the Colorado River or The Seven Sea Theory, this national treasure has been here since the dawn of time. 

A Look At The Geological History

Grand Canyon, exceptionally deep, steep-walled canyon in northwestern Arizona, excavated by the Colorado River. The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and more than 5200 ft or 1 mile deep.

Nearly five million people see Grand Canyon each year. Most of them see it from overlooks along the South Rim, including Grand Canyon Village, Hermits Rest and The West Rim, and Desert View. The South Rim, 60 miles north of Williams and 80 miles  northwest of Flagstaff, Arizona, is the most accessible part of the park and is open all year.


The white line you see in the lower right in the photo, is The Bright Angle Trail, where it leads to The very edge of Plateau Point. Immediately to the right of Plateau Point you will see a dark crevasse.  That is the Bright Angel Fault.  This is one of the only places in the world you can see an exposed fault line


The Inner Canyon includes everything below the rim and is seen mainly by hikers, mule riders, and river rafters. Many opportunities exist here for adventurous and hardy persons who want to backpack, ride a mule to Phantom Ranch, or take a river trip down the Colorado River.



How do people get across the Colorado River within Grand Canyon? The South Kaibab Trail crosses the river on a narrow suspension bridge 70 feet above the water. Only one way across the canyon is accessible by automobile - the Navajo Bridge, located downstream from Lees Ferry, where the canyon is only 400 feet wide.


There are many overlooks accessible by car which offer spectacular views of the canyon.

The East Rim Drive (Highway 64) follows the canyon rim for 26 miles east of Grand Canyon Village to Desert View (the east entrance to the park). The East Rim Drive east of Yaki Point is open to private vehicles throughout the year.  Other Points not to miss are Grandview and Navajo Points.

The Desert View Watch Tower

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