First thing I'd like to do is an introduction.  My name's Kelley and I'm 71 years old.  Yeap 71

I was diagnosed in February with Stage 4 Colon Cancer.  There are worse things, like getting hit by a semi, head on at 70 MPH.

Ok, it's a bit quicker, I'll agree to that.


Terminal only means a Doctor tells you that.  My Doctor is in Fellowship.  God I love the Medical Profession.  Learn what your doing by experimenting with me.  Wrong!



So, I'm told, I need a bucket list.

Let me show you my introduction film first.



I look at that film and think back.  I have done things, that some, people only dream of.  I flew jets, mountain climbed, drove race cars, and performed with rock bands. WTF, could I put on a bucket list?


This is the story The VA Wrote About Me.  Yeah it's abbreviated, but true.


Ok, now let me tell some fun story's and show you some of my photography.  Some of those things will be XXX rated, so, please 21 and older.



She said I can post anything I want so let's have some fun.