Faqs and answers from queries on the search engines

We see request to this site derived from questions people ask Google etc...  will try and answer a few in here.

I put to much chlorine in my spa, what do I do?              Add a chemical called diclor (sodium thiosulfate)  It will reduce the chlorine immediately


My Spa water tests perfect but is cloudy and makes me cough           Most likely this is caused by high TDS   drain and refill with fresh water


I put too much stabilizer in my pool how do I remove it?               There is no way to remove an access of cyanuric acid from your pool you have to drain water out and replace it with fresh water,  Remember if you drain a pool think of the water table and imagine your pool as a boat.  If you live in Florida only drain a small amount of water at a time.


there's an odor that slightly hurts my lungs to breathe and makes me cough          High TDS   change the water


My wife's jewelry turns black      Bromine is notorious for this and we have seen it in almost all bromine spas.  Bromine also hides in the water and without special testing and treatment can climb to toxic levels.  Use a chemical called Oxy-Brite 5 minutes prior to testing for bromine and you may be surprised.


My spa appears to be losing water    If your spa is on a concrete pad watch for water around the base present several days after  rain or snow.  If you leave your spa uncovered for long periods evaporation will also cause the water level to decrease as well as splash out.


My spa is in disrepair, is this dangerous?           It can be.  Broken or missing intakes at the bottom of the spa create a hazard, as long hair may get caught in it.  If these intakes are close to the pumping systems the hair could be caught by the pump.  Old and water logged covers pose a threat as they can become very heavy.  If you, as an adult, cannot lift it easily, imagine a child in the spa and what would happen if the cover inadvertently became closed.  Your spa should be checked from time to time to make sure the wiring, breakers, and other electrical components are in safe working order.


How can I tell if my filter is bad.    There should be a band around the filter commonly called a tell-tale.  If you can break this band with your figure with a gentle tug, your filter probably needs replacing.