Sun-Breeze Spa Services


Striving to meet or exceed your service expectations

Free Estimates

Spa and Pool Orientations       $50.00  Learn about your spa or pool and take care of it yourself

Winter or Summer Shut down and start up   $50.00/Hour

Safety and Mechanical inspections  $50.00

Spas and Hot Tub Service Take the guess work out of your comfort         

Weekly   $29.00/Visit

 Bi Weekly   $34.00/Visit

 Once a month   $52.00/Visit

Service Includes

  • Vacuuming and Cleaning
  • Chemical Balancing
  • Mechanical Check up
  • Cover Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Maintain your chemical stock

Extra Services   $60.00/Hour Plus Materials

  • Complete Water Change   $120.00
  • Repair   (upon customer approval of our estimate)
  • Cover Repair including Locks, Clips, and Replacement   $50.00/Hour Plus Materials (upon customer approval)
  • First time Start Up   $50.00/Hour Plus Chemicals
  • Water Testing   $25.00

Special Services Pricing Negotiable depending on the services you wish

This can range from light electrical and plumbing, photographing your party, and a wide range of other services.  All you have to do is ask

Payment Methods   You will receive an invoice around the 15th of the month for services rendered due on the first of the month

Auto Pay   Visa and Master Card  We bill you once a month on the first for services performed and generally this is on the 1st of the month

Cash  or  Check