The Yellowstone Fires

Yellowstone National Park 

The Year of the Fire 1988

The film origianny had sound, but in the days

 of writing this flash was the way to go.  Heres the film as we captured it


Many thanks to Men & Women like these that spent their summer, risking their lives, to save one of our greatest National Tresures

The summer and fall of 1988 will always be remembered in Yellowstone as the

year of the fires that burned 500,000 acres of the National Park.

These photos will show a small piece of that summer

The Old Faithful Inn under siege by the fires

Old Faithful Inn had a close call this day.

The Inn came very close to becoming a memory

Thanks to the heroic efforts of firefighters and employees

the lodge still stands

Fires all around This shows the size of the flames around us

Ground Fire This shot was taken during the day

The aftermath

Elk grazing in the smoke

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